OnePlus – An Instagram campaign for the launch of the new OnePlus 9

Phone showing the TrueColors campaign, with the text left to it stating: "Find your #TrueColors with the OnePlus Instagram Scanner".
Because of the launch of the new OnePlus, using Hasselblad technology for even better color usage, the challenge was to create a campaign focussed on highlighting this new and unique feature on the phone. The focus was on the Instagram campaign, and to come up with an Instagram tool.
UX-design / motion
Instagram Campaign


Creating an engaging instagram campaign for the launch of the new OnePlus

The challenge was to create an engaging Instagram campaign focused on the launch of the newest OnePlus model, the OnePlus 9. The campaign was focussed on the younger audience using Instagram. The campaign had to highlight the core feature of the new OnePlus 9: the Hasselblad technology that allows the camera to take color-accurate pictures.


OnePlus #TrueYou Instagram scanner

The concept is a tool that scans your Instagram profile for color usage, and transforms this into a personalised color palette. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the color usage in your Instagram picture, and tells you your #TrueColors. The color palette can then be shared with friends or family.
A campaign banner with the text: 'Find your #TrueColors with the OnePlus Instagram Scanner', and multiple pictures of people and nature next to it.

User flow

Mapping out the user flow and testing feasibility

For this project, I had to ensure that the tool was as easy to use as possible. To achieve this, I created a user flow that mapped out all the steps a user would go through while using the Instagram Scanner. Since we were working with personal data, the user had to give us permission to scan anything, which made it hard to create a seamless experience. To make the concept and design feasible, I worked closely with the development team to create a user-friendly flow.
An user-flow showing all the steps the user needs to go through to complete the campaign journey


Creating the wireframes

After creating the flow, it was time to work out the structure. To accomplish this, I created wireframes of each step in the flow. I also considered the motion design between each step to make it a seamless experience.
Four mobile mockups showing wireframes of the OnePlus instagram scanner

The result

The OnePlus #TrueColor Instagram scanner

Banner stating the text: 'Show your #TrueColors' following an image of two women hugging and the OnePlus 9 mobile phone.
Multiple images of people and nature, created with the OnePlus 9.