Niarra Travel – Creating an interactive personal itinerary experience

thumbnail of the Niarra Travel website, showing their hero image
Niarra Travel is a English based personal itinerary agency, who offeres tailored travel experiences for anyone who books. They came with the request to come up with an unique web experience for booking your personal itinerary.
Niarra Travel
UX Design

The challenge

Creating an unforgettable travel experience

The challenge of the project was to create an unforgettable web experience, showcasing the beauty of the luxury itineraries. The website had to be fully customised based on user requests and wishes.


Mapping out the user flow and testing feasibility

I started the project already in a further developed stage. This meant that everything until the concepting phase was already done. For the wireframes I had to create a customisable and flexible layout, where personalised travel information could be added.
Wireframe of the daily activities, with the text "Your personal itinerary"
Wireframes of the itinerary introduction element of the Niarra Travel website

The result

Niarra Travel web experience

Image of the Niarra Travel homepage hero image
An element on the Niarra Travel website showing your itinerary overview, showing the itinerary route with the text "First time South Africa"Element of the Niarra Travel website showing the benefits of the trip, with the header stating "An unforgettable trip with a positive impact"Element on the Niarra website showing images of the hotel you will be staying in